Some Thoughts From People I've Worked With

"Mike can I ever describe the professionalism, character, and talent this photographer not only produces but lives....In a time in my career where I almost gave up, his work gave me purpose and hope for my future craft. I learned, laughed, and worked harder than I ever have but produced the work of a lifetime. People were touched by our images, careers were changed, models and photographers influenced....I have never in my career watched a photographer actually give his heart to every image as if he was signing it with his own soul....a true artist, a true photographer, a true believer in beauty and life"
Nancy Freshour

"Working with Mike Jones was an interesting experience. I was a little hesitant at first, but once I got in front of the camera I was amazed at how comfortable I felt. It was like a second nature for me. Once I got my pictures back, I actually felt pretty. He works really well out in nature. Looking at his work you can see how he is able to find the most beautiful backgrounds imaginable. I was very pleased with the outcome. I would definitely do it again."

"When I first encountered Desert light, I was a bit apprehensive. As it turns out, I have had a great time with the business and would recommend Desert Light to any first time or beginning models. The best part of being a model is getting to work with my photographer. Mike Jones, what can a girl say? He's sweet, funny, and charming. I've been on several shoots with him and he's an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does he make me feel comfortable, but his charismatic personality always adds to the dynamics of the shoot. Mike's knowledge of the Southwestern landscape has brought us to some beautiful locations. He really knows how to use the natural light and landscape to enhance his frames and make a girl look her best. I have had great experiences working with Desert Light over the past couple of years. Mike has become, not only my photographer, but a good friend."

"Mike Jones, I would have to start out by saying that he is a true professional. I have had the pleasure of working with him as a model on several occasions. Each time I have been more and more pleased with the finished product. I have been fortunate enough to call on Mike as a friend when I've needed something. Trust has been established between us because of the comfort zone he has created during every photo session. I would say nothing but positive things about Mike, on both a personal and professional basis. I plan on working with him in the future. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so."

"I met Mike in 1995 and have had the opportunity over the years to see his work evolve into what it is today. Mike and I have discussed not only the artistic points, but also technical aspects of his work to great lengths. Mike is very knowledgeable in the technical realm of photography. I enjoyed working with Mike on our shoots. He is very professional and puts you at ease, no matter what the situation is. All in all, Mike is a great guy and a joy to work with."